History About us

(Quality, Emvironment, Work´s Safety and Health)

EPLI SAC is a Peruvian company dedicated to Design, Development, Marketing, Manufacturing and Distribution of electrical and electronic equipment, power distribution transformers (immersed in oil and dry), electrical panels and cells of low and medium voltage.

The company has implemented its integrated management system based on quality standards, environment and health and safety at work.

Making the following commitments:

1- Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers by providing quality products using adequate infrastructure and the latest technology.

2- Achieving high competitiveness in our market based on trust and loyalty of our customers.

3- Complying with current legislation on quality, environment, safety and health at work and others that the company subscribes voluntarily.

4- Preventing pollution of the environment by operating responsibly and rationally using the resources.

5- Ensuring participation and consulting of our employees and their representatives.

6- Developing our activities by implementing and maintaining mechanisms of prevention, protection, safety and health at work of our employees and third parties in our facilities.

7- Guaranteeing continuous improvement while maintaining the integrated management system efficiently and effectively.

8- Training and motivating our employees in quality, environment and safety at work.

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1- Supplying products, providing quality and making reliable services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

2- Promote the technological innovation.

3- Maintaining an Integrated Management System model.

Being a leader in the manufacture of transformers at national and South America level, maintaining friendly contact with the environment.