EPLI S.A.C: Cutting edge technology applied to the design of transformers acoording to IEC and ANSI stardards.

For the construction of Talara's refinery, one of the most emblematic projects in the country, EPLI SAC has developed compact transformers designed and tested under ANSI C57 standard. The transformers specially designed for the project are provided with side terminals and the sealed main mash, with skid base. It also has a current toroidal transformer that is external, which is used to sense the current flowing through the neutral of the transformer under fault condition. In addition, it has a control box with special terminal blocks.

The whole design has been done under specific requirements of use in the refinery, with supervision in all of the processes, materials selection and rigorous testing that the transformers have to undergo.

It is important to note that the designs have been made using simulation programs ANSYS and INVENTOR 3D using the finite element method, initially creating virtual prototypes that have allowed us to demonstrate that they accomplished all electrical and mechanical requirements, which in turn have been corroborated in our laboratories for electrical testing.


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