History About us

EPLI SAC is currently the most important company in Peru on the field of Electricity and Power Electronics, being present in 99% of the Peruvian economic activity, today we have around 600 employees and 09 manufacturing plants that make a total of 43,000 m2.

We are pioneers in the design, development and manufacture of Variable Speed Drives and Cast-Resin (dry type) Transformers in Peru, our own products that enabled the automation and transformation of the Peruvian Industry. Also, we offer more than 1000 different types of both electrical and electronics products, which 70% are locally manufactured by our company with the highest quality standards. All the EPLI products range from complex products for applications in Low, Medium and High Voltage, the ones that are used in large projects; and products for simple applications, the ones that are used in industrial automation and residences. It is noteworthy that one of our main strengths is also our after-sales service where human teams, distributed in our departments of Design, Engineering and Technical Services, provide technical advice for implementation.


EPLI S.A.C. was founded in May 1990 in Lima, our experience is summarized in 28 years of hard work and constant growth, where the preference of our products is manifested in high demand by major companies in the sectors of mining, oil, industrial, electrical, sanitation, services and construction. All our manufacturing and marketing processes are aimed at continuous improvement for customer satisfaction. So we have 4 EPLI departments of research and development, which are: Engineering of Electrical Transformers, Electronic and Automatization Engineering, Engineering Design of Boards and Cells and Engineering of Product Development.

Furthermore, Epli's equipment meets the highest standards; including: IEC, NEMA, ANSI and IEEE, which enable us to supply high quality and efficiency products. Thus our customer's expectations are fulfilled; and also we take care of our planet by reducing the impact in our environment.