Electronic Megger to measure the ohmic resistance of the motor.

Eliminates the input current spikes and decreases the mechanical touch at start and stop.

Electronic fuse (Shear Pin) operating in 1 cycle, the most reliable protection on the market compared to traditional fuses.

Free crown effect.

Designed for extreme temperature environment. (50 °C)

Electronic Potential Transformer (EPTx) that reads the main voltage (2200-1500 V AC), transmitting the signal to the receiver (EPRx) via fiber ensuring galvanic isolation between the power section and the section of low-voltage module.

Unique Start and Touch Stop features.

Analog output option.

High-speed processor.

Single ignition control of SCR's that operates only when starting and stopping the engine. So when the SRCs are completely off during operation, always keep active all their protections, giving this system a long life to the starter.

Starts large capacity engines in installations where the power supply comes from transformers that are operating at almost 100% of their capacity and diesel generators. Ability to boot multiple engines.

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