The quality and reliability of a machine or process is the result of a dynamic and precise control of CA motors through variable speed drives. EPLI S.A.C. offers a wide range of drives designed to provide the best possible control under all circumstances. The permanent stock of equipment, spare parts, the warranty and the professional technical support have made EPLI S.A.C. the leader in the Peruvian market on variable speed drives, representing prestigious brands like VACON.

VACON as a pioneer in designing and manufacturing CA drives, has developed innovative solutions and high technology for demanding applications and major powers.

Vacon offers a complete range of powers and voltages, including an harmonic reactor as standard and a high degree of protection and tightness IP54 or IP66, which allows the user to control both, induction motors and permanent magnet motors. Also it offers  a dynamic vector control in closed loop or open, with multiple communication options make the Vacon drives ideal for any application.




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